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Corporate and Commercial

We have a dedicated team of experts with a wealth of experience on advising our clients on how they can effectively respond to the everyday legal needs of their business. Our services range from advising clients on business startups, mergers and acquisitions, through to corporate contractual disputes.

Our corporate team has a valuable experience of acting for local, regional, and international companies. The approach and expertise of HAG’s corporate team places it at a considerable advantage to others thus, enabling it to advice, and act on behalf of its clients, in highly complex domestic and international corporate disputes and transactions.

Not only has our approach gained the confidence and the continued relationship with our clients, our team’s expertise and dedication has enabled HAG to secure groundbreaking victories, and on one occasion, secure a precedent by the Palestinian Court of Appeal.

Our services include:

Corporate Law
  • Advising foreign and local clients on the most suitable corporate structure that meets their business requirements;
  • Advising foreign companies on the legal and regulatory requirements for the registration of a foreign branch, or a new local company;
  • Registration of local companies and branches of foreign companies;
  • Drafting corporate governance codes, bylaws, memorandums and articles of association in compliance with local laws;
  • Advising companies on all legal and regulatory matters concerning, or arising from the company’s activities;
  • Advising foreign companies which are not registered in Palestine on the permissibility and/or requirements necessary (e.g. whether permits or licenses are required) for carrying out certain activities/projects in Palestine.
  • Drafting legal opinions and representing corporate clients in court on various corporate issues such as shareholders’ disputes, legality of board of directors and/or its decisions, and partners’ disputes.
  • The firm also assists its clients in carrying out the company registration process, obtains all the required permits (e.g. work permits for foreign nationals), representing clients at the Ministry of National Economy and preparing and attending with clients any required pre-registration security screening interview.
  • Advising local/foreign clients on, and offering various corporate services such as changing a company’s name, increasing or decreasing a company’s capital, assignment of shares, drafting board of directors’ resolutions for official use, organizing and attending the general assembly meetings (ordinary and extraordinary meetings), and corporate restructuring;