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About HAG

HAG is a leading law firm that focuses on advising major corporations and financial institutions in Palestine and Jordan. The firm is dedicated to providing innovative and solution-oriented legal advice to its international client base which ranges from leading international businesses and banks to private individuals.

The firms’ legal experts have abroad base of experience and in-depth understanding of the commercial environment in which their clients operate. They deliver commercially sound, solution-oriented legal advice that has gained the firm an international reputation for quality and reliability.

Our firm focuses on ensuring clients receive the best quality of service possible. The central goal underpinning this client care objective is that our lawyers provide commercial advice to clients which is clear and based on a real understanding of the issues.

Our Philosophy

As a prestigious firm, we serve our clients with personal and immediate attention to their needs in our areas of concentration. Our clients praise our responsiveness and attention to detail.

Like our clients, we are results oriented. Our goal is to produce favorable results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our emphasis is on performance and quality. We are committed to providing unsurpassed service. That means aspiring to obtain results consistent with our clients' goals and budget. It also stands for attentiveness to all of our clients' needs. We coordinate with other professionals such as accountants, financial analysts, investment bankers and others to ensure that our clients' interests and needs are fully met.

Understanding client needs and requirements is critical. However, as the complexity of business increases, today's law firms need to deliver a unique blend of legal and business expertise. Therefore, as an extension to the traditional role of the law firm.

HAG analyses and advises clients on the changing local requirements, legal and economic trends, advising them on solutions which are practical and feasible to achieve specific business objectives.